Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zombies AND Aliens?

The Event

I seem to be the pessimistic raincloud on this blog, so I'm working to lighten it up a little. And it seriously helps that I enjoyed this week's episode... save for a few parts. The story line is definitely developing, and when I don't share the character connection like Reducto does, I'm getting there. I think they [the writers/directors] are focusing on fleshing the plot out right now and plan on making the characters seem more real later. That's not a bad plan, but if by next week's episode I'm still not feeling for the characters.... either I'm messed up or they've done something wrong.

I'm still unsure where the loyalties lie. In fact, I'll even go as far to say as I think there are no clear sides. There is definitely two powers struggling for dominance (The Others and Us? The US government? Humans?) but I have a feeling that there are many more forces at play that haven't even begun to be fully developed/thought of. It isn't just Thomas vs Sophia or the Others vs the Government or Sean vs the world.... it's a combination of everything. Maybe it will really come down to "every man for himself". Who knows at this point?

I hope we'll get more of Simon. He's my favorite character right now. The Creepy Bald Dude (thinking about it.... doesn't he have hair?) has definitely risen in interest level, although I'm not entirely sure on my thoughts for him. He's still creepy. Leila continues to bother me (Vicki slapped you across the face. You're gonna take that?) and Sean seems even more awesome after learning that he's a computer genius who got a juvenile record AND a scholarship to MIT at age 16 for hacking the Pentagon. I wish I had skills like that. I'd like more development in their personalities and back-stories (especially Sophia) and I hope we'll see a rise in that.

I liked how the flashbacks were more subtle this time and occurred with less frequency. It was actually possible to understand what was going on! And the letters stating the location were a lot less obvious - something that made watching that much more enjoyable.

I'm interested in seeing how they'll explain all the people waking up from the "dead" and why Maia seemed comfortable enough to kill the guy who put before all his people. Speaking of Maia and William - I thought they were really sweet. Sort of like a Desmond and Penny reunion - except I don't know if they were kept apart. What do you guys think? Do the imprisoned Others get to hang out with each other? I'm guessing no.

And who wants to kill Sean so badly? I mean, sending a team of "FBI agents" that assassinate a whole office is a little much for one man, right? I mean, it's one thing to go after him but another to kill at least twenty people for being in the same room. And speaking of that - why didn't the rest of the office come running when they heard gunshots? It's the freaking FBI. They are all armed! The Office Shootout reminded me a lot of the deceased FlashForward finale (any fans?) except that FlashForward's was super creepy and much cooler with the lights and shattering glass effects. Oh, well. I'd also like to bring up how both Female FBI Lady and Sean were unable to kill one of the assassins and instead merely knocked him out. Was it their morality and ethics that kept them from taking another's life? Was it fear? Because they would be totally justified in killing him - seeing as in the next scene he's on the phone ready to track him down. I hope it's not purely a plot device to get onto the next episode. That'd be disappointing.

And what's up with those zombies? People just don't come back from the "dead" do they? What kind of technology do the Others (or aliens) posses that allows them to turn humans into zombies? Ah, just kidding. They're not really zombies. At least, not yet. I'm guessing it was some kind of drug/plant/gas that made them appear as if dead (remember our good friends Nikki and Paulo?) and the effects wore off. Pretty creepy for that poor soldier on guard though. And at least they hadn't started burying them. Buried alive - what a way to go.

There wasn't much in the way of numbers this week, but I did manage to catch:
2 (hours), 11 (hotel number), November 2nd 1944

I would also like to bring up a cool theory I read somewhere - that the V in The Event is actually a roman numeral for 5, the backwards E represents a 3 and the roman numeral IV (which looks sorta like N) is 1 and 3. So it's basically The E(5314)T. Weird, huh? Maybe it's intentional, maybe people got hung up on LOST like me and analyze numbers too much.

Rating: A-
Spacey Theory: The Others are time travelers.



  1. That roman numeral theory is rad. 5314 was Sean and Leila's room number on the cruise. 514 is the plane number. Schweet!

  2. Niiiiiiiiice. The Roman numeral theory IS pretty amazing. I am also in on the idea that they are evolved humans who have traveled back in time.