Sunday, October 24, 2010

What about Roswell?

The Event

Well, Thomas is clearly A bad guy. I don't think he ever intended on becoming who he has become. I think he just got tired of waiting and kind of went a little crazy. I'm nervous about his intentions with Sophia. Part of me hopes it will be a happy reunion and they will join forces, but the other half is pretty convinced he is not really on her side anymore. I think he cares for his people, and I think he cares for her, but I think he is willing to whatever it takes to save ALL of his people--even if that means losing Sophia. I think I will jump on board with the idea that Sophia might be dying soon. I hope that isn't the case buuuuuuuuuuuut things aren't looking good.

It was interesting to see the Simon/Thomas-centric flashbacks in the episode, especially in finding out that Simon kind of went on to be the leader of the "able bodied", while Thomas slipped into the shadows to try and figure out how to get "home". One MIGHT think "home" is some far off planet and that the initial idea of the Others being extraterrestrial has been further proven. However, I am going to stick with the other theory, one Reducto suggested and that has become more popular with other viewers, that they are actually from Earth, just not from our time. "Home" is simply the time period they want to go back to, not necessarily a place. I think this possibility was hinted at when Thomas observed how far behind we were technologically in 1944.

What I find interesting is that, in this universe of The Event, Roswell either didn't happen or just hasn't been mentioned. I know that it is not an incident that has been confirmed to have even happened at all (I WANT TO BELIEVE), but I think given it "happened" three years after Sophia and the Gang, it might be brought up. Even as a conspiracy or something. Maybe they will bring it up at some point. I think it could easily be brought in as some kind of coverup, or distraction, for THIS incident in 1944. We'll see, I guess. They are just such similar events (ha!) that I wonder if the Roswell crash is going become a part of this plot in any way.* Can that count as my Spacey Theory?

I'll throw another one out there, just in case. I think Sterling (Creepy Bald Dude) *might be an unknown enemy of the Others--either from their time or he may just be more aware of who they are than he is letting on at this point. He just seems a little too willing to wipe them out of existence. He clearly has another agenda, that's been evident since the pilot. At first I figured he had it out for Eli, but I'm starting to think his target is the Others because perhaps he somehow knows what their bigger purpose is in the grand scheme of things.

Learning more about Vicky was nice. We got to put a face to her ring-leader. That baby was precious. I really just want to know how Vicky got caught up in all of this. She obviously isn't really doing it willingly. It can't involve her son, because it was all going down before she had him. How old is she supposed to be? Her kid is, like, 8 now and she doesn't look to even be out of her 20s yet. I really want to know more about who she is working for and why she is working for him. And, of course, how Sean became their primary target in all of this.

I was kind of hoping the Leila/Sean reunion would take longer to happen, but who knows what could happen in the next episode? They may get separated again for all we know. I am hoping Vicky's partner gives us all a little more information. I am also hoping Agent Collier doesn't die, because I like her.

And I will definitely agree that I want to know more about what happened to the passengers. I honestly don't think they will leave something like that unanswered, though. It would be a bad move on their part.

Grade: A

Spacey Theory: *



  1. Agent Collier? That's her name?

    Good to know. :)

  2. You know... I always just thought Sterling was a dick. But you have a great theory on his intentions and who he might really be. AWESOME!