Friday, October 22, 2010

He Should Have Used The Moustache

No Ordinary Family
Episode 4

Seriously Jim, you should have gone with the moustache and glasses. A hoodie does not work as a protector of your identity. He really isn't getting any better at this whole vigilante thing is he? I believe George is better at fighting crime then Jim, and he isn't even SUPER! He'll get it. I hope. It was a pretty emotional episode for him this week though. Dealing with the other vigilante that lost his son was tough. It's like that guy wanted to die by the end of it, or always wanted to. Pretty depressing. I wish the detective looked more into the sketch that looked like Jim, that would be dramatic!

I don't know if Stephanie should, but if I was her I would tell Dr. Frances Chiles (douche asian guy) to step the hell off. He is a mean guy and it would be awesome if Steph's boss killed him for some reason. I am really interested in this dead doctor guy (Dr. Vulson I think?) and why he was killed off - probably by Stephanie's boss. Hmmmm.... curious.

JJ is still awesome. Ha. This kid is going places. The whole football thing was genius... literally. I really can not wait to see more of the things he can use his power for. At the end of the episode, everything looked all happy and great, but the look on his face is telling me he will confess his secrets to his parents within the next couple weeks.

Daphne is finally getting more interesting. She was really mean before, now she is only kind of mean and pretty funny. Starting to actually like her. Her using her powers to get into the party was cool, but I knew it would end badly. She totally could've pulled off blackmailing that store clerk to. She got scared.

There was mention of whatever made the family special is what made this plant special. So does that mean it wasn't a plant that made them special? YES!!!! In next weeks preview it shows some good stuff. Action - Answers - Evil stuff - maybe some insight into Steph's boss situation?

Grade: B


Fun moment: George wanting to ride on Jim's back.

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