Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

No Ordinary Family

You'd think after surviving a plane crash and gaining special powers, the Powell family would be closer together, but I think it's just ripping them apart. Before they didn't speak much and had little to do with each other, but at least they acknowledged that gap. Now they pretend to be closer and to be a better family, but in reality, they're even farther apart with all the secrets they hold between them. Which is better - knowing something is wrong and doing nothing to change it, or pretending everything is getting better when it is stuck in the same groove?

And why do they feel the need to keep all these secrets? Why can't JJ just admit it to his family that he has a superpower instead of saying he's not on drugs? Is his desire to be "special" so strong that he can't face the truth? His parents have already proven that they will love him, power or no power. So what's up with hiding it? Seems like a lot of effort for something that is going to blow up in his face later. And why do both kids feel the need to lie to their parents on the fact that they are going to a party? It's the most cliched thing in the book, and they both knew they were going to get caught. Maybe if they'd been straight-up, none of that would have happened.

Every positive occurrence seemed to grant itself an negative occurrence in last night's episode. You find the bad guy, he gets killed. You start getting good grades, the school accuses you of taking drugs. You get into the exclusive party, you get arrested. What a downer.

Spacey Theory: Daphne will become pregnant and they'll go with the "teen mom" theme that loves TV these days. Her baby will have superpowers as well.

Rating: B+

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