Sunday, October 3, 2010

F*ck the Police

The Event

First off, I just want to say I totally dig Reducto’s theory on the Others being evolved humans from the future, having come back to change/prevent or cause The Event. I would even be okay with that being the case instead of aliens. Aliens have been done—even if I love anything and everything having to do with them. I am cool with either being the outcome.

I wasn’t disappointed with this episode in comparison to the Pilot. I thought we still got some great surprises—Greg not being THE bad guy, but still being a complete douche-bag, may he rest in peace. I also think the acting is fantastic and that the characterization is pretty great.

This show isn’t as solid or well thought out as far as technicalities in some areas. For instance, the Sean getting a gun on the plane in the Pilot, or in this episode, as mentioned, having the police just charge into the hospital. I also don’t understand why Sean didn’t reason with the nurse that he wouldn’t have had her CALL THE EFFING POLICE IF HE HAD KILLED A MAN. Just sayin’.

That said, I like where this is all going. The ending was shocking and bone chilling. I am loving that there are two sides to our Others—Sofia and Thomas—because it adds more dimension to the story being told. I think Simon is going to continue this role of a TRIPLE agent, working for both sides of the Others, as well as the humans. Whose side he is actually on remains a mystery. My money is on Sofia/Sophia. I feel that even though the show is fast paced and a lot happens in one episode, it is all still unfolding slowly enough to add suspense and keep me wanting to find out more about it.

The only part of the show that gave me the heebie-jeebies was when Simon was pulling out his fake vein. UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH. I wish I had recorded my reaction. Blood doesn’t bother me; it is anything going in or out of flesh.

Also, to agree with Reducto, the Sean/Leila first meeting was precious. Sometimes I wish I had a cute first meeting story like that. Instead, my boyfriend and I met at a mutual friend’s 4th of July cookout and his first impression of me was that I was probably crazy. Nice. Now he just says he still thinks I am crazy, but in a good way.Hmmm...

I feel like, essentially, everything was covered in the previous posts on this episode, so for now I don’t have much else to add on. I was grateful that the time-stamps weren’t as confusing this time around, by the way. Still looking forward to seeing how this continues.

Grade: B+


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