Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Complicated? Inception Made More Sense!"

No Ordinary Family
Episode 5

I gotta hand it to this show, just when I'm starting to think it's going to be boring, it gets more and more interesting. Still doing better in the ratings then 'The Event' (How in the *$%#?) it seems as though this show will last a little longer. I hope all these good television shows don't die off, we'd be out of a blog. Ha. I have no idea why, maybe there is a sporting event or something, but both No Ordinary Family and The Event are returning in two weeks. Lame. Good thing our third show starts this coming Sunday!

Enter stage left: SUPER QUAKE LADY! Cool. I'm glad they are introducing more super-powered people. I hope that this 'Rebecca' is not dead, especially knowing now that she is not really a bad guy, just pissed and misunderstood. I am curious if Stephanie's boss really did make her that way. Did he kill this Dr. Vulson and take his research for this very purpose? Hmmmm. I was really hoping to get a good look at Stephanie's boss (what is this dudes name?) and his story and intentions, but... no dice. Hardly anything, except that he is still a bad guy. Did his henchman see Jim using his powers? That is not going to be good for the family.

JJ is AWESOME! Love that kid. I do think that is mom was very unfair to him when she found out about his powers. That's not cool. How he saved that woman from being crushed in the department store was one of the best displays of his power yet. I wished that Katie would have hung on to JJ's secret a little longer than five minutes. They would have made a good team. I think it was pretty lame of Katie to spill the beans about JJ's powers to Steph. I was hoping that he would come around himself. Oh well. I liked learning that he doesn't have to use his powers. SHOCKING NEWS this episode! JJ is pregnant! Haha!

Daphne is starting to grow as a character. She isn't a little meanie anymore. But with the whole teacher situation, she totally blew it. Good job Daph.

I am hoping sometime in the very near future the family will be put in a situation that will take all of them (and their powers) to get out of. That would be 'SUPER'.

Grade: B


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