Monday, October 18, 2010

Lack Of Simon Lee!!

The Event
Episode 4

I was last in line this week and wrote out my post days ago. Alas.... it was deleted. Since it is very late and Pearl did a lovely job on her 'Event' post this week, I'm going to make this short and sweet. Sorry - next week will be better and more organized.

First off... Simon Lee was only in the episode for like twenty seconds! That sucks. He is one of my favorite characters so far. Let us hope we will be getting more of him soon.

Sean is the most progressive character in the series. He is just a mega-badass! That car chase scene in the beginning was pure gold. TAKE THAT BIG FOREHEAD MAN! I'm really starting to like that agent lady that is helping Sean now. It's really good that Sean doesn't have to play it alone anymore. I was really suprised by them finding out that was Vikki's mom and son - CRAZY! Spacey Theory: Agent Lady will die in the next few weeks. The flashbacks this week seemed kind of pointless. The only thing we really learned was that Sean had a very shady childhood and his parents were terrible. Could explain why he became a trouble maker no? I think he will need a gun in the next episode... Trouble is brewin'!

Leila FTW!! She finally is cool in my book. She is ACTUALLY acting now! Good for her. Her whole storyline this episode was really intense. It seemed when she got to the police station all her wounds from cutting her self free were gone! Is she an alien?! I'm only joking of course. I loved that little twist at the end. Although I would have been fine with Vikki dead.

The flashback with President Eli and his wife meeting with Spohia was weird to me. She had this weird energy about her and was kinda creepy. Very passionate, but creepy. Good news is - in the present - SOPHIA TOLD THE TRUTH!! Wow! I'm amazed. She can speak! I think the President will maybe let her go, but there is no way he will let all the detainees go. No way. I REALLY hope we get to find out where and how that cellphone got into the President's sons backpack. Thomas sure means business!!

Leila's dad looked a mess... I would to if I was being interrogated by Bald Creepy Dude!

Grade: A


Fun moment: The old cop at the police station that ended up being a bad guy was the dad on "Boy Meets World".

Note: I will have better posts next week.

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