Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sophia Knows Chinese?

The Event
Episode 6

I really enjoy this show. The last two weeks of The Event have been incredibly riveting and super intense. If this show ends up dying out, then a part of me will. Apparently we have to wait two weeks before we get a new episode! UGH!!!

First off...... EB's? Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities? Aliens?!! I hope that crazy journalist chick* was indeed crazy, because I really was putting money on my theory. Although, I won't be upset if this is the case. It was always a HUGE possibility. What could further the 'alien' theory is something Simon said about water in 1954: " Where I'm from, there wasn't any". What kind of place on Earth has no water?! Exactly.

Sean and Leila make a pretty badass team! I know it is in Leila's best interest to keep her protected, but I really hope she sticks around. Leila is finally (kinda) safe and comfortable. Then she gets this huge load of garbage dropped into her lap. Your mom is dead. Your sister is missing. Your dad is the whole reason anything previously mentioned happened. GEEZ! I think she should have hurt that guy a little more for some information. That guy is a pawn sure, but he knows alot more than he is putting on - I'm sure of it! I have no idea why Sean didn't consult with Agent Collier before totally jacking her vehicle!! Dumb move in my opinion. Very interested to learn more about Leila's father, and aliens and all that schtuff!!

Mr. Lee (if that is your REAL name!) is back!!! So good to get more Simon action. Man, his flashbacks were heartbreaking!  I am curious - If Thomas was off doing something, and Simon was with the love of his life*, then where are the other 'alien' people. Answers please! Simon is a really good soul. He is always trying to do the right thing. And he always gets stiffed. Poor guy. Rough life. When he saw his love (red head chick) when she was older.... I didn't think this show could pull off emotional scenes, but damn! The Present: I had a feeling Simon's cover was going to be compromised. If he survived, (CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!) he is in big BIG trouble. One of my favorite moments from the episode was that clever coffee trick Simon pulled off. GENIUS! That made Sterling pissed, in turn making me giggle. When the building was falling apart, I really didn't know what to think. I thought maybe Thomas was creating some sort of earthquake or something. It seems he used the same electromagnetic energy that teleported the plane, to teleport Sophia and himself. My question is: What exactly was Simon thinking when he stayed behind. I want that reasoning.

What ever happened to the big impending 'EVENT' anyway?!

Grade: A+


*Fun Facts: The actress who plays the crazy journalist chick was on Lost. She is the other that Sun shot aboard Desmond's boat in early season 3.

The actress who played Simons love interest was also on Lost! She was Emily Locke. The teenage mother that got hit by a car and had a premature John Locke. Oh how I miss Lost......

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