Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sean is like a flower.

The Event

Sorry for the late post, guys. TiVo only recorded the first fifteen minutes of The Event, so I had to wait to watch it. Then the Rangers were playing a VERY important game, so I was a bit distracted. They won. YAY!!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: It is so hard writing about a brand new show. I haven’t built this huge relationship with the characters yet and it’s just so hard to theorize when there isn’t a lot of information to theorize about.

I’m glad they didn’t immediately address how everyone came back to life, or whatever, this week. There were some amazing little twists that happened as well. For instance, Vicki and what’s-his-face rigging Leila’s escape so she would call Sean. Granted, I suspected the cop was a bad guy as soon as he conveniently found Leila running down the street, but I wasn’t expecting her entire escape to be staged. I also think the cinematography and direction is fantastic.

With each episode I become more enthralled with Sean. He just keeps unfolding like a . . . flower. Or something else more manly that unfolds. I just REALLY want to know why whoever is after him is after him. Does it have to do with hacking? Is it something else entirely?

I’m kind of interested in this rivalry between Sterling and VP Jarvis, where it came from. Sterling clearly doesn’t really think much of the President, and from the beginning it’s been clear he has a hidden agenda. He isn’t the guy that is always calling Vicki, is he? It SOUNDS like him, but I may be going crazy. Or it’s been obvious since the last episode and I am just slow.

So. The survivors of 514 are dying again, or at least bleeding a whole lot. Is it intentional? Is Thomas making it happen, or is it some unexpected side effect?

I said I was going to talk more about the ratings, how NOF is ahead of The Event and me blaming the pilot for being too much like LOST. I don’t actually have much more to add on. I think the producers may have thought it would rope people, having it appear to be so similar to LOST, but I think it actually made people want to watch it less, which is a shame. At this point, the only real similarity is the presence of flashbacks to flesh out the plot. I am hoping the ratings get better.

Again, I will be late with my NOF post. I will again try to get it up in the morning. Sorry for the delays. I am breaking blog rules right and left.

Grade: A

The Pearl

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