Wednesday, October 13, 2010



This show is hard to write about, and quite frankly I have run out of time and I have a looooooong day at work tomorrow, so I am just going to make this short and…mostly just short.

Daphne is growing on me. I thought the JJ storyline was cute/funny. I was a little bored with the wedding crashing storyline, even though I know it served a bigger purpose. I’m interested to see how Steph’s boss plays into all of this. I think her friend/assistant is funny. This show is filmed really well, which I appreciate. I still like it, but I still stand by my thinking that it will not be the blog winner. The fact that I never have much to really say about it should make that more obvious.

Sorry I suck. Hopefully, QuoteGirl and Reducto will make up for this post.

Grade: B

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