Monday, November 15, 2010

Walking Dead Double Feature!!

My apologies for being gone so long.... That's life - and it won't happen again! The Walking Dead has been on three weeks now and it is fantastic. In this particular blog I will be covering the first two episodes. Let's get started!!

The Walking Dead
Episode 1

First of all, personally, I love anything that has to do with zombies. This show is definitely for me. The first episode of this series had a really classy opening. When he shot the little girl zombie in the head, I knew right away that this show wasn't going to hold anything back.

I really enjoyed that most of the first episode was a flashback, and how it eventually leads up to the present. At times the show is slow going, but never boring. Even during the slower moments, the whole feel of the show is way creepy. The camera work is fantastic. For instance when that car flipped after hitting the spike strip, Or when our hero Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) is in the hospital, and how you see through his eyes how dazed and out of it he is.

The show has the right amount of everything. It is quite scary and really creepy. There is lots of action. Top it off with some brilliant dark humor. The zombies themselves are really well done! SUPER freaky looking.... Especially the one with half it's body missing... Awesome!

I only have a few things to say about the plot of the episode. I am really digging the main character. He is a good actor and I like that he has something to fight for. The fact that he woke up from a coma, and has no idea that any of this has been going down is perfection! When Rick comes across the father and son duo, it started to get really interesting. Morgan and Duane Jones (played by Lennie James and Adrian Kali Turner) are really good characters. Their story on the otherhand, is heart breaking. The whole thing about Morgan's wife is really messed up and sad, but it makes for really good TV though! I really hope to see more of them in future episodes.

Right away I knew it was a bad idea to go into Atlanta..... Big city, lots of zombies! Good thing there was a tank! POOR HORSE! Only thing left is: Who the hell is talking to Rick on the CB?

Grade: A++ (i went there)

The Walking Dead
Episode 2

DUDE! Rick's old partner Sheriff's Deputy Shane Walsh (played by Jon Bernthal) is banging Rick's wife!! Uh Oh!! I know that he thinks his buddy is dead, but still, that is messed up buddy!

This show is so frickin' fantastic! After the forest love fest the show opens up with a bang. That little asain kid is awesome, and helpful! I thought Rick would find a way to the giant wonderful bag of weapons, but alas, no. That sucks.

The whole crew in the mall were great, interesting additions to the cast. I found it weird that the mall people were calling the zombies 'geeks'. I really do not care for The redneck hillbilly dude (i think he was the villan on "Mallrats") But he does add a very intense drama to the whole city surviving situation.

I have never been so grossed out by a TV show in my life! I was eating a sandwich when watching the scene in which they chop up the 'Organ Donor'. I have watched some messed up things in my day, and never been affected. This was the first time I had to stop eating. Thanks Walking Dead!

All of it was pretty intense. The dude dropping the key. Rick and that asain guy Glenn pretending to be zombies, and then rain! The get away was my favorite part. I hope they meet the other survivors soon (Rick's wife, etc). I find myself wondering where Glenn was going. Was he really taking off?

Grade: A


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Introducing ..... The Walking Dead!

Hello beautiful people, and Happy Halloween!! As you probably already know, we here at 'TV Blog' post reviews for some of the most popular and interesting shows of the fall season. So far that has included: NBC's 'The Event' - and ABC's 'No Ordinary Family'. Our third and final addition to our blog premieres tonight! Introducing...... THE WALKING DEAD!

It is based off a brilliant on-going comic book by the same name. I've read a couple of them so far, they are really dark, gritty, and just damn good!

The Walking Dead tells the story of the aftermath of a zombie apocolypse and follows a small group of survivors traveling across the United States in search of a new home away from the hordes of zombies. The group is led by Rick Grimes, who was a police officer in the old world. As their situation grows more and more grim, the group's desperation to survive pushes them to do almost anything to stay alive.

In an advance review - Sandie, a writer on raves: "the first episode ends on such an exciting cliffhanger, I was reaching at my remote to put on episode 2 the second it was done. And when episode 2 ended I was wishing I had even more episodes to satisfy my “Walking Dead” needs. Oh yeah, I’m hooked."

It airs on AMC Sundays at 10pm.

I'm looking forward to it! Are you?!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Complicated? Inception Made More Sense!"

No Ordinary Family
Episode 5

I gotta hand it to this show, just when I'm starting to think it's going to be boring, it gets more and more interesting. Still doing better in the ratings then 'The Event' (How in the *$%#?) it seems as though this show will last a little longer. I hope all these good television shows don't die off, we'd be out of a blog. Ha. I have no idea why, maybe there is a sporting event or something, but both No Ordinary Family and The Event are returning in two weeks. Lame. Good thing our third show starts this coming Sunday!

Enter stage left: SUPER QUAKE LADY! Cool. I'm glad they are introducing more super-powered people. I hope that this 'Rebecca' is not dead, especially knowing now that she is not really a bad guy, just pissed and misunderstood. I am curious if Stephanie's boss really did make her that way. Did he kill this Dr. Vulson and take his research for this very purpose? Hmmmm. I was really hoping to get a good look at Stephanie's boss (what is this dudes name?) and his story and intentions, but... no dice. Hardly anything, except that he is still a bad guy. Did his henchman see Jim using his powers? That is not going to be good for the family.

JJ is AWESOME! Love that kid. I do think that is mom was very unfair to him when she found out about his powers. That's not cool. How he saved that woman from being crushed in the department store was one of the best displays of his power yet. I wished that Katie would have hung on to JJ's secret a little longer than five minutes. They would have made a good team. I think it was pretty lame of Katie to spill the beans about JJ's powers to Steph. I was hoping that he would come around himself. Oh well. I liked learning that he doesn't have to use his powers. SHOCKING NEWS this episode! JJ is pregnant! Haha!

Daphne is starting to grow as a character. She isn't a little meanie anymore. But with the whole teacher situation, she totally blew it. Good job Daph.

I am hoping sometime in the very near future the family will be put in a situation that will take all of them (and their powers) to get out of. That would be 'SUPER'.

Grade: B


Sophia Knows Chinese?

The Event
Episode 6

I really enjoy this show. The last two weeks of The Event have been incredibly riveting and super intense. If this show ends up dying out, then a part of me will. Apparently we have to wait two weeks before we get a new episode! UGH!!!

First off...... EB's? Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities? Aliens?!! I hope that crazy journalist chick* was indeed crazy, because I really was putting money on my theory. Although, I won't be upset if this is the case. It was always a HUGE possibility. What could further the 'alien' theory is something Simon said about water in 1954: " Where I'm from, there wasn't any". What kind of place on Earth has no water?! Exactly.

Sean and Leila make a pretty badass team! I know it is in Leila's best interest to keep her protected, but I really hope she sticks around. Leila is finally (kinda) safe and comfortable. Then she gets this huge load of garbage dropped into her lap. Your mom is dead. Your sister is missing. Your dad is the whole reason anything previously mentioned happened. GEEZ! I think she should have hurt that guy a little more for some information. That guy is a pawn sure, but he knows alot more than he is putting on - I'm sure of it! I have no idea why Sean didn't consult with Agent Collier before totally jacking her vehicle!! Dumb move in my opinion. Very interested to learn more about Leila's father, and aliens and all that schtuff!!

Mr. Lee (if that is your REAL name!) is back!!! So good to get more Simon action. Man, his flashbacks were heartbreaking!  I am curious - If Thomas was off doing something, and Simon was with the love of his life*, then where are the other 'alien' people. Answers please! Simon is a really good soul. He is always trying to do the right thing. And he always gets stiffed. Poor guy. Rough life. When he saw his love (red head chick) when she was older.... I didn't think this show could pull off emotional scenes, but damn! The Present: I had a feeling Simon's cover was going to be compromised. If he survived, (CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!) he is in big BIG trouble. One of my favorite moments from the episode was that clever coffee trick Simon pulled off. GENIUS! That made Sterling pissed, in turn making me giggle. When the building was falling apart, I really didn't know what to think. I thought maybe Thomas was creating some sort of earthquake or something. It seems he used the same electromagnetic energy that teleported the plane, to teleport Sophia and himself. My question is: What exactly was Simon thinking when he stayed behind. I want that reasoning.

What ever happened to the big impending 'EVENT' anyway?!

Grade: A+


*Fun Facts: The actress who plays the crazy journalist chick was on Lost. She is the other that Sun shot aboard Desmond's boat in early season 3.

The actress who played Simons love interest was also on Lost! She was Emily Locke. The teenage mother that got hit by a car and had a premature John Locke. Oh how I miss Lost......

I'm so excited! I'm so...scared.


I don’t know. I am really starting to lose interest in this show. Well, not losing interest. I mean, I enjoy watching it; I just don’t have anything to offer in terms of discussion.

I thought the plot in this episode was darker, which I liked. The fact that Jim has to learn the hard way to be more inconspicuous is more realistic, which I appreciate. I like the way the show is going about having this family adjust to their powers, especially when it comes to one another. I think the conflict between them is natural and reflective of how any big change would affect a family. The montage at the end, with the pretty song that I need to find out the name of, was really moving and beautifully done. I think I may have watched the ending twice, actually. For some reason, JJ really appeals to me as a character. I feel really bad for him, even though I think he shouldn’t be lying to his parents.

I thought it was kind of ridiculous that the school decided to assume drugs with JJ. Cheating, sure. But I don’t think there are ACTUAL drugs that can make someone go from barely passing to straight As. Most just wind up making you get too excited, like our good friend Jessie Spano, and maybe help you stay up late to study to turn that C into a B. Maybe I am just ignorant when it comes to the world of genius-making drugs. But, you know, this show IS about a family getting super powers, so I should probably stop trying to rationalize this aspect of the episode…

I like Daphne. Officially. I don’t know WHY this episode inspired me to do so, but for whatever reason I find her less annoying and more amusing now.

Eh. Yeah. That’s all I’ve got. I will say that I am intrigued by that one guy who is dead or something. I clearly paid very close attention…

Grade: B

Spacey Theory: Daphne is allergic to peanuts.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What about Roswell?

The Event

Well, Thomas is clearly A bad guy. I don't think he ever intended on becoming who he has become. I think he just got tired of waiting and kind of went a little crazy. I'm nervous about his intentions with Sophia. Part of me hopes it will be a happy reunion and they will join forces, but the other half is pretty convinced he is not really on her side anymore. I think he cares for his people, and I think he cares for her, but I think he is willing to whatever it takes to save ALL of his people--even if that means losing Sophia. I think I will jump on board with the idea that Sophia might be dying soon. I hope that isn't the case buuuuuuuuuuuut things aren't looking good.

It was interesting to see the Simon/Thomas-centric flashbacks in the episode, especially in finding out that Simon kind of went on to be the leader of the "able bodied", while Thomas slipped into the shadows to try and figure out how to get "home". One MIGHT think "home" is some far off planet and that the initial idea of the Others being extraterrestrial has been further proven. However, I am going to stick with the other theory, one Reducto suggested and that has become more popular with other viewers, that they are actually from Earth, just not from our time. "Home" is simply the time period they want to go back to, not necessarily a place. I think this possibility was hinted at when Thomas observed how far behind we were technologically in 1944.

What I find interesting is that, in this universe of The Event, Roswell either didn't happen or just hasn't been mentioned. I know that it is not an incident that has been confirmed to have even happened at all (I WANT TO BELIEVE), but I think given it "happened" three years after Sophia and the Gang, it might be brought up. Even as a conspiracy or something. Maybe they will bring it up at some point. I think it could easily be brought in as some kind of coverup, or distraction, for THIS incident in 1944. We'll see, I guess. They are just such similar events (ha!) that I wonder if the Roswell crash is going become a part of this plot in any way.* Can that count as my Spacey Theory?

I'll throw another one out there, just in case. I think Sterling (Creepy Bald Dude) *might be an unknown enemy of the Others--either from their time or he may just be more aware of who they are than he is letting on at this point. He just seems a little too willing to wipe them out of existence. He clearly has another agenda, that's been evident since the pilot. At first I figured he had it out for Eli, but I'm starting to think his target is the Others because perhaps he somehow knows what their bigger purpose is in the grand scheme of things.

Learning more about Vicky was nice. We got to put a face to her ring-leader. That baby was precious. I really just want to know how Vicky got caught up in all of this. She obviously isn't really doing it willingly. It can't involve her son, because it was all going down before she had him. How old is she supposed to be? Her kid is, like, 8 now and she doesn't look to even be out of her 20s yet. I really want to know more about who she is working for and why she is working for him. And, of course, how Sean became their primary target in all of this.

I was kind of hoping the Leila/Sean reunion would take longer to happen, but who knows what could happen in the next episode? They may get separated again for all we know. I am hoping Vicky's partner gives us all a little more information. I am also hoping Agent Collier doesn't die, because I like her.

And I will definitely agree that I want to know more about what happened to the passengers. I honestly don't think they will leave something like that unanswered, though. It would be a bad move on their part.

Grade: A

Spacey Theory: *


Friday, October 22, 2010

He Should Have Used The Moustache

No Ordinary Family
Episode 4

Seriously Jim, you should have gone with the moustache and glasses. A hoodie does not work as a protector of your identity. He really isn't getting any better at this whole vigilante thing is he? I believe George is better at fighting crime then Jim, and he isn't even SUPER! He'll get it. I hope. It was a pretty emotional episode for him this week though. Dealing with the other vigilante that lost his son was tough. It's like that guy wanted to die by the end of it, or always wanted to. Pretty depressing. I wish the detective looked more into the sketch that looked like Jim, that would be dramatic!

I don't know if Stephanie should, but if I was her I would tell Dr. Frances Chiles (douche asian guy) to step the hell off. He is a mean guy and it would be awesome if Steph's boss killed him for some reason. I am really interested in this dead doctor guy (Dr. Vulson I think?) and why he was killed off - probably by Stephanie's boss. Hmmmm.... curious.

JJ is still awesome. Ha. This kid is going places. The whole football thing was genius... literally. I really can not wait to see more of the things he can use his power for. At the end of the episode, everything looked all happy and great, but the look on his face is telling me he will confess his secrets to his parents within the next couple weeks.

Daphne is finally getting more interesting. She was really mean before, now she is only kind of mean and pretty funny. Starting to actually like her. Her using her powers to get into the party was cool, but I knew it would end badly. She totally could've pulled off blackmailing that store clerk to. She got scared.

There was mention of whatever made the family special is what made this plant special. So does that mean it wasn't a plant that made them special? YES!!!! In next weeks preview it shows some good stuff. Action - Answers - Evil stuff - maybe some insight into Steph's boss situation?

Grade: B


Fun moment: George wanting to ride on Jim's back.