Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mmmm .... Muffins

No Ordinary Family

In my eyes, this weeks episode was a bit of an improvement over the pilot. I'm really glad they focused on the kids a little more this time around. If they didn't the show would be called 'No Ordinary Marrige'. I don't think there is a whole lot I can talk about this episode. Here goes.....

I have to say, JJ is a little badass. I really wasn't feeling his character in the pilot. Seemed whiny and unimportant. I wasn't sure about his power until now. As useless as his power seems, I think it could play a big part down the line. The effects they use when he is using his power is some of my favorite in the whole show. I liked how he stood up to his teacher. His teacher was just a hateful person! I'm on the fence at this point: Would it be considered cheating? Using his gift? Tell me your thoughts people. SUPER-BRAIN FTW!

The show still feels a little rushed in some spots. For instance, how Daphne is overwhelmed and can't control her mind reading abilities. Twenty minutes later she has everything under control because of a little pep talk from mommy. Ugh. I am starting to like her a little more now. She just seemed like a heartless drama queen before. Nice to see she does have some heart.

SUPER VACUUMING FTW! Stephanie had some pretty intense scences. I always hold my breath when things slow down as shes running. I don't think I'll ever get tired of these sequences. In my opinion she should have had way more injuries from that tricycle tumble then what she had. But apparently because of her metabolism, she can heal super fast. RAD. I'm hoping that they all slowly develop extra powers. Maybe Daphne will be able to control minds eventually. Let us hope.

Jim is awesome. If I had all this going on, and new abilities to play with - I would definitely be crime fighting. I agree he should not have lied to his wife. But she worries too much. Ha. As soon as Detective Cho saw Jim fleeing the scene, I made a note CHO WILL KNOW. To bad knowing got her dead. She wasn't my favorite, but damn. You know?

I really enjoy that everyone is kind of playing around with their powers. Practicing. Like Jim and cars. Stephanie going halfway across the country. Daphne trying to control. JJ reading all of those books. I'm just scared that not alot can really come from this series. The bad guys could definitely add some flavor to the mix. We need more of that. I don't even care if we get answers or not, I just want more action. The baddie with telekinesis was pretty cool and creepy. Reminds me of Sylar off the show Heroes. I'm hoping pretty soon its not just a bad guy here, and a bad guy there. I want a bunch! One final thought on baddies: WTF is up with stephanie's boss? He doesn't seem so scary to me!

The last thing I want to say about this episode: Did anyone notice how incredibly mean everyone was to the Powells? What did they ever do to anyone else? Could be just a story telling device for them to use or not use their powers. They're all just jealous I say!

Grade: B


NOTE: For the time being it seems as though it is just the three of us. At least until Swan comes back, I think we should hold on to this show. We have good AND bad reviews of it. 3 heads are better than none. 6 posts are better than 3. Thoughts?

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