Friday, October 22, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This .... GO VICKY!!

The Event
Episode 5

This weeks episode was rather dark, no? Really intense to! I'm hoping they do not can this show, it is filling the LOST void pretty well.

I do not think I could ever dislike Sean. He is my favorite character by far. Out of everyone he is the most human. He wasn't in this episode that much, but when he was it sure counted. I like that he called an old friend that was one of his hacker buddies. Sean is way more resourceful than I thought in the beginning. SUPER HACKER MAN!! I was holding my breath the whole scene when they got to the police station in Texas. Sean blackmailing Vicky was incredibly badass. I forgot all about the picture he took of her son. She obviously cares alot about her stolen son. Such a complicated relationship. Vicky really REALLY suprised me with shooting all the other bad guys. She is going to be in BIG trouble with the higher ups for sure. Maybe she will be one of the good guys sometime soon? And they kidnapped that bad dude that works with Vicky! YAAY! So happy that Sean and Leila are finally together. Let us hope that is not short lived.

Was anyone else super creeped out by the suffering passengers? Really cool camera work here. Like QuoteGirl said, I really don't know and want to know what the hell was going on with the dying passengers of 514. They better explain it! Thomas is really evil! Being seperated from Sophia and the rest of his people has changed him for the worse for sure. He did finally show an emotion besides anger when the president would not back down. He looked scared! Serves him right. The flashbacks involving Thomas and Simon were some of my favorite so far. Simon is indeed an 'Other'!! I knew it was pretty obvious before, but it was'nt entirely clear. Sweet. I'm still sticking to my theory that 'the others' are evolved time traveling humans. In the flashback Thomas said something like, "They're still using vacuum tubes". It is super awesome that Thomas helped create nuclear fusion. I just want to know why that is important. He said he is trying to get them 'home'. WHERE IS HOME?!

Other than that Eli is starting to change for the worse, and I hope he doesn't do something he'll regret. Bald Creepy Dude is a heartless bastard. And Sophia will most likely die very soon.

Grade: A-


Spacey Theory: The President's wife will seperate for a while.

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