Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Team Sophia or Team Thomas?

The Event

Is Sophia really the good guy? We (I) automatically assumed she might be, based on the supposed genocide of Flight 514 by Thomas. But they all woke up. Not to mention, her right hand man Lee ordered Maya, #31, to kill her boyfriend before he could leak any information to the President. Shyte. He sacrifices his entire species for her and all he gets is a shard of glass to the stomach. That’s rough.

Saying who is good and who is bad among The Others is hard to decipher right now, though. Sophia and Lee were merely protecting their people. What is the loss of one life compared to the loss of almost 100? They did what they felt needed to be done for the sake of their species. Perhaps there aren’t really two sides to their species? There is no Team Thomas or Team Sophia? Not at this point, anyway. We may see a separation at some point in the series. I do want to know how Maya could be convinced that William should be killed, instead of letting him tell and living happily ever after...maybe. She either has extreme loyalty to her people, or there is more to it than that. I have a feeling there is more to it than that.

The story line for Sean is still intriguing. I am looking forward to finding out why he has become the primary pawn for whomever Vicki is working for. Also, it turns out he is kind of a badass. When I watch shows like this, where there is this regular old Joe/Jane that has lead a relatively normal life suddenly turn out to be ridiculously stealth, athletic and resourceful, the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurry for me. I mean, there is no way in hell I would be able to do any of what he has done given my white, middle-class and female background. I would have had a nervous breakdown by now. I’m sure given the adrenaline of saving the love of my life MIGHT help. OR if I could realize that this is television, made for my entertainment and not to be confused with real life...Point, we still have a lot to learn about Sean.

That said, how did he manage to get inside of that trunk without being seen? The getting on the plane with a gun was cleared for me in this episode. I didn’t realize he had snuck on the plane in the Pilot. But that just begs the question HOW DID HE SNEAK ONTO A PLANE WITH A GUN!? I can’t even get in the first gate if I have a bottle of regularly sized shampoo on me. Sorry. I keep dwelling on the gun issue.

The Event has cliffhangers down perfectly. Fantastic ending for this episode, and I am totally looking forward to next week. I really like this show thus far. I was kind of hoping I could submit a crazy theory this week but none are coming to me at this point in the game. Sigh. Mayhaps next week.

Grade: A

PS: A co-executive producer for the first three seasons of The X-Files is the co-executive producer for this show as well--James Wong. If you didn't know already, The X-Files was the love of my life; LOST then filled the void. Anyway. I like him.


  1. TEAM THOMAS! I like bad guys and drama.

  2. X-Files! I'm slowly trickling into that show, but I love what I've seen.

  3. I love The X-FIles. When watching it, you have to remind yourself it was made in the early 90s. It makes it better realizing that. Warning: Seasons 8 and 9 are not that great at all, and the second movie it beyond disappointing. The X-Files kind of broke my heart.