Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gettin' Jiggy With It, Extraordinary Style!

No Ordinary Family 
Episode 3

I do like this show. But I am with Pearl on the fact that it will not last in our blog. We should keep it around for a while though. I will continue to watch it regardless. Now on to the show!!

After watching this weeks episode I thought: Is every episode going to have a robbery take place? Why can't Jim save some kids out of a burning building, or stop a out of control train or something? Just a minor gripe. I like how the show includes everyone in the storyline in the right amounts. Of course, Jim and Stephanie are seemingly more important - but we are starting to get more of the children's storyline and that is awesome. We are getting alot more of Katie and George (the sidekicks) and I have always liked them. They really need to get deeper into Stephanie's boss and his intentions and such. WE NEED EXCITEMENT!

Jim really needs to get it together! Man needs to practice more. He is very enthusiastic don't get me wrong, but he kinda sucks as a 'super-vigilante'. It seems as though Stephanie and Jim forgot their arrangement from the pilot to not "crime fight" or use their powers for things. Oh well, they're human.... kind of. When George was teaching Jim how to dance I had to laugh. It reminded me of the movie 'Hitch'. I like Geroge's theory on learning to dance will help him with his powers. I don't care what anyone says, I really enjoyed the whole wedding crashers bit of the show. Very cool. Except when he tackled the guy who was going to cut the cake. Was it just me or was all three weddings in that one venue? Popular choice I suppose. Jim is a good guy though. The ending was really romantic and nice. BUT I'm sick of happy endings! A good show needs CLIFF HANGERS!! It just does!!

The only thing I am going to say about Stephanie is that she is pretty much awesome! I loved the whole 'Ocean's 11' heist scene, really intense. HOPEFULLY her boss will ask her in for questioning or kidnap her or something evil! It's a superhero show remember? Let's get with it people!

The kids are getting more interesting. I'll get Daphne out of the way first because I think JJ is cooler. I think that young Daphne is Bipolar or something. She is a total b*ch to her whole family. Black mailing her brother into doing her homework. Being really disrespectful to her father. Not to mention totally ruining that situation for JJ and that girl. (Not that he had a chance) She is just a big cry baby! All these lies! They should unite! Be a Super Family Team!!

JJ is my favorite now. I thought that if I had to choose one of their powers to have, I would pick Jim's. But now I am certain I would want to have JJ's power. There are so many things you could use it for!! I want to learn another language! Maybe not hebrew, but hey, you never know. In next weeks preview it seems he will try out for football.... can't wait to see how he pulls that one off!

One last thing. George said the cops just found Stephanie's ring at the crime scene? Riiiiiight. Not buying it. Lame.

Grade: B


Cool moment: "Mambo Number 5" playing at the third wedding.

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