Monday, October 11, 2010

"Somebody help me..." BAM!

The second episode was better than the pilot, which is promising. It’s funny, I think of the bloggers, I like this show a bit more, but unfortunately I never have much I want to say about it…

I like that JJ’s powers haven’t been revealed to his parents yet. I also like the reason why. I feel really bad for him, especially since I can sympathize with his struggles in math. I know that he just wants to prove he isn’t an idiot. Also, if he were to reveal them, they might tell him not to use them, which would suck. Daphne is so far the most boring character to me. I like the actress, so again it has nothing to do with her ability, it’s just the character herself that I do not really love at this point. I think Stephanie and Jim play off of each other really well, which I guess the credit really belongs to Michael and Julie.

I was so relieved when they said that the water had nothing to do with their sudden powers. I assume this also means the plant isn’t involved? This would also make me happy. I’m just glad they aren’t being horribly predictable right now.

I don’t remember the character’s name, but the police officer that Jim revealed his powers to (because he was forced)—her death was kind of chilling. I wasn’t expecting this show to have dark moments so early in its run. I mean, I know we didn’t see anything, but they didn’t really need to show it for it to be effective.

Even though I enjoy this show, I was SHOCKED to find out it is doing better in its ratings than The Event! I don’t expect NOF to last long on our blog, but I am kind of getting nervous about The Event even lasting on TV. I think the Pilot may have turned people off, since it seemed a little too reminiscent of LOST. I will talk more about this on my The Event post.

Sorry for being late on this posting. It’s trickier than I thought juggling two shows for one blog, especially when I have to record everything I watch and find time to watch it. I will try to be more timely with my posts.

Anyway, I am going to try and watch The Event now so I can I get my post up by the end of the night. If not tonight, I will have it up in the morning.

Grade: A

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