Friday, October 15, 2010

They Still Didn't Give Female FBI Lady A Name?

My sincerest apologies from the bad blogger this week. To say I have had no time is a huge understatement, but it doesn't make up for the fact that I slacked off this week. My bad.

Anyway, I thought this episode was terrific. Definitely the best of the season (to date). While we didn't get to see the most awesomest character to grace this show (Simon, I'm looking at you!) for an extended period of time, it was still good.

I liked how we got to see more of Sean and his super-computer skills and his general lack of self-preservation when he thinks what he wants is nearby. Plus, his begging for a gun was priceless. I liked Pearl's description of him - as a flower. It's a heck of a lot better comparison than an onion, because while he is gaining layers they aren't running as deep as they could go. I feel like Sean is the most developed character at this point (and since he's the main character, that makes so. much. sense.) but as I think I said before, I really want Sophia or some of the Others to start peeling back their petals. We already know that Sean is a love-driven genius who has lots of secret skills. What can we learn about President Martinez or Creepy Bald Dude? Just some things I hope that gets rolling in tonight's episode.

And what's with those "zombies"? They come back to life.... only to get killer nosebleeds. That whole scene reminded me of "The Constant" where Desmond started bleeding and skipping through time, which is something I hope doesn't happen here. That'd be a lot of constants they'd have to find, hmm?

I used to think that Vicky and her goons were simply... goons. Now I'm fully convinced of their evil genius status. That was beyond brilliant (and something I did not see coming, even with my hesitation at the handy police officer) and I can't wait to see what they come up with next to get Sean. Definitely their best work - and Leila's best performance crying into the phone. Easily the best part of the episode.

5 (years), 2 (hours), 10C, 20A, 24B, 5A, 39C [seat numbers of frightened passengers] 5 (years...again) 12 (months), 5 (years.... again) 18 (years).

Spacey Theory: Thomas' threat will be in the form of low-flying space ships with "GIVE US LIBERTY, OR GIVE US DEATH!"

Rating: A


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