Monday, October 4, 2010


The Event

This weeks episode was even better than last weeks I thought. I am really starting to care for these characters. Except Creepy Bald Dude.... shudders.........

Sean Walker is my freakin' hero! This week he really showed off how badass he can be. learning about his past was pretty cool. He hacked into the Pentagon servers at 16. He isn't that geeky good guy anymore! He is the cool hero with a shady past. Ha. Our friend finally caught a break this week. Enter "Agent Lady". I couldn't find her name on IMDB. This is a complicated relationship and I like it. I knew by the way she looked at him in last weeks episode that she was going to believe him. I can't wait to see them work together in the coming weeks. She really didn't seem thankful that he saved her, at least at first. Is anybody curious as to who was driving the RV? What the hell happened there? I like that we are getting some answers with Vikki. 'Bout time. (She had an Oregon driver license! lol)  She is a mean violent lady. The man that Vikki works for, I call him Mysterious Creepy Guy ( MCG or as IMDB calls him: 'Carter'), is apparently an 'underground operative'. As is Vikki. It was on his orders to retrieve Sean from the police station. But instead shot the place up. Hmmm...... Who are they, why do they know so much, WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS!

Sophia is starting to annoy me. Is doesn't seem like she is a very good leader. Her silence must stop. Her scenes are a bore fest.
Let's talk about this traitor guy, William. This is the guy Simon was concerned about thirteen months earlier(In the pilot). He is pissed. Most likely feeling betrayed by Sophia for making him stay behind. I was super excited to know what he knows. WOP WOP WAAAAA...... A cool new character is introduced and killed off in one episode. Very short lived. I wondered what persuaded Mia/31 to do something crazy like kill the love of her life. I must say, I love learning more about 'The Others'. I'm still sticking with my theory about them being time traveling evolved humans that are trying to prevent or cause the event to alter history. They are seeming more and more like humans to me. They love each other, and have seemingly healthy relationships. They look and act like regular humans. They just age weird and have cool super gadgets. I caught Sophia saying she was trying "Protect you all". While talking to Simon. Does this confirm he is one of them? What do you think?

AAH!! ZOMBIES!! Confused about why all the passengers of flight 514 were dead and are now stirring. Why, yes! Yes I am. What could possibly have caused that?! A freeze ray? Were they even dead? I agree with what the guy said in next weeks preview: This is definitely a display of power. "Don't mess with us" is exactly the message Thomas is trying to get across.

Grade: B+


PS: I hope we get to see 'The Others' aircraft at some point. Really curious what it looks like.

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