Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not So Extra-Ordinary

Note: This is the first reaction post to No Ordinary Family. Not The Event. Just so there is no confusion here. And it will be spoiler-y, so hold off if you haven't seen it yet.

This is my second time watching the pilot of No Ordinary Family (it was on ABC.com back in August, I believe?) so I guess I have a slight advantage over the other bloggers.

First off, I really don't like this show. It feels like a forty-minute movie rather than a television episode (see how everything tied up so nicely at the end? And the 'Bad Guys' looking at the body? Just the cliff-hanger for the sequel; coming to theaters near you next summer!) and it definitely did not impress me during either of my watches. I felt like the acting was overdone or exaggerated in places and not fully realized in others. I feel like the script was hilarious, but the way the actors delivered the lines made it sound mundane and weak. The story doesn't seem to have much potential in my opinion - how far can you go on a family that has super powers? Debates on whose is cooler? What they are going to do next with them? How to get rid of them? I'm sure they can come up with some ideas, but I'm not sure how much they will be worth. And since we're all (or most of us) LOST fans, I feel like we want an intelligent program with lots of questions/mysteries. No Ordinary Family had exactly two: how they got their powers (answered) and who are the 'Bad Guys' after them (not answered)?

The one thing I really enjoyed was the effects used. The lighting in the water was incredible - it kind of looked like a scene out of Avatar - and the plane crash was excellently executed. When JJ saw the equation lighting up on the board, it really highlighted (Har, har) what was going on. Even the speed-running was awesome. The opening credits were really lame though - what credits last five seconds? - and the closing credits were nonexistent. Oh, well.

In a battle of No Ordinary Family vs The Event, I'm placing my money on the latter.

Rating: C-


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