Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Totally Aliens

Hey guys. I should probably introduce myself (although most of you probably know me as "That annoying commenter who replied to everything on You Blog, Everybody!") but anyhow, I'm QuoteGirl. I don't have an awesome LOST name because I literally had no idea what to call myself. How's that for creativity?

The Event. Sounds so dramatic, doesn't it? And it was in a way (all that intense music accompanied by strange happenings). I found myself enjoying the pilot far more than I had hoped, which is always a good thing.

The characters seem pretty fascinating (especially the girl I christened Redhead Chick but IMBD calls her Sophia Maguire). I'm not too sure on these mysterious guys we keep seeing in the previews, but I'm willing to give them a chance. And Sean's girlfriend, Leila, who just seems to annoy me. It's early still and she's got plenty of time to redeem herself in my eyes (although I'm not entirely sure where she went wrong. Her personality just rubs off on me the wrong way maybe?). Sean and Simon seem like they need some de-stressing classes, but considering what a day they've had, de-stressing would be very beneficial. Perhaps taking up yoga?

It starts off in a plane, which is always a good sign. LOST, Fringe, my friend tells me NCIS and since it's had a billion seasons they must be doing something right... So it gets a point for planes. Remember when Swan said that she swore LOST was about aliens? Well, I'm going to put it out here right now: I think The Event is definitely not of this planet. They wouldn't have called it a mixture of FlashForward/V if there wasn't some extraterrestrial beings (or snakes hiding in human flesh) populating the cast. Let's just hope TE doesn't have as short of life as FlashForward. Unless of course they do something really bad or aliens looking like green lizard people a la V.

Old habits die hard and ever since The Numbers, I've taken to writing down new numbers as they appear. Numbers probably won't feature predominantly in TE but if they do, I've got it covered:

23 (minutes), 11 (days early), 514 (flight), 13 (months in Alaska), 8 (days early), 5314 (room number).

You never know when numbers could come in handy, right?

I'm not really sure what else to say, seeing as it's a pilot and still has plenty to go. I guess we can start to question who "Us" and "Them" are as well as what the heck the Event actually is. But unless you're a crazy theorist, I'm not sure what else to go on. Hopefully more "mysteries" will reveal themselves in time.

All in all, I like The Event. I think it has potential (especially if it clears up the Wormhole-looking technology) and I think it's got lots to answer and more to question.

Grade: A-

EDIT: I haven't read Pearl's post yet, so if any of this is repetitive, my bad.

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  1. Spot on QuoteGirl! I totally agree about the alien thing.

    The flipping back and forth through time was a little confusing. I had to watch it twice. ha.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.

    I'm still waiting to hear if I can be a contributor.

    Nick Lindemann