Monday, September 27, 2010

I Want The TRUTH

Just going to say, I was severely disappointed in the second episode of The Event.

First off, I thought the special effects for the plane were horrible. Who seriously wants to waste three minutes of their lives alternating between a crashing plane and the frantic faces of the passengers? I'm cool with a couple shots, but it was way overdone and drawn out. The moments that were supposed to give the viewer, "Eww! That's disgusting! I'm getting nauseous!" reactions didn't really bother me. Maybe that was just me personally, but I thought the blood was really fake. Although I can't deny the coolness of the implanted plastic vein in Simon's arm. The Wormhole/Vortex technology still could be changed in my opinion, but looking back at the Smoke Monster... I suppose that looks normal. My biggest pet peeve about this episode was definitely the effects, so I'm done. Sorry if I offended you in anyway.

So what we actually learned... wow. It was a lot to process at times. The original theory of aliens proved true (or extra terrestrials, as Creepy Bald Dude called them) which was nice. It shows that the show is predictable enough to follow but still can surprise the viewer and that it gives answers quick. Unlike other television shows I could mention. We also got some of their alien's mythology - their DNA only differs from humans by less than 1%, they age at a slower pace than humans, they were first known on Earth on November 2nd, 1944 and that they have been held in captivity in Alaska ever since then. We also find out that Sophia (Redhead Chick) is one of them, as well as her lover who makes a cameo appearance later. I feel like we'll be seeing a lot more of him later. Like the President, I'm more concerned with how they got here, what they want and why all people from other planets have to say they don't mean humans any harm. Either that or they blow us all to hell with no warning. So know that we know that this show is extra-terrestrial, how does that affect the viewing experience? I'm constantly on edge for something weird to happen. Not that I wasn't before.

I have a feeling this is going to turn into a humanity and human nature debate as well with this program, so I might as well throw my cards in early. I admire the President. He says he wanted to declare peace with the aliens and let them live alongside us for reasons unknown to him. Hey, he's being honest with his potentially less-than-admirable motives. But it drags in the question, was it right holding them in Alaska? Should they be treated like prisoners? What is more important: the safety of the world from the possible harm from aliens or the proper and respectful treatment of people who may want to destroy everything? Things getting gray there. I hope we can really connect and sympathize with the characters and both sides. Because that's who I assume "Us" and "Them" are. And it will definitely be fascinating to watch Simon be a double agent. Let's see how long his secret lasts, okay? I'm betting he's getting busted by mid-season.

It was interesting seeing how Vicki was working with Them, but Greg wasn't. They totally had me fooled there. Leila still bothered me, but that's besides the point. How Sean connects to this story is still beyond my grasp, but if the answers keep flowing in as fast as they have, I don't think I'll be waiting long. Choosing to frame Sean for the deaths on the cruise ship was definitely ingenious, if not an interesting move. Was it the government? The Others (my new term for the aliens)? Was it both? And what was with those cops at the hospital? Was it the first day on the job, or do they generally pull up in a manner that informs the entire building of their presence, run in packs, don't pull out their guns until the last moment, and let the person they're chasing out of their sight so fast? They got him in the end, but seriously. Anyone who watches cop/detective/spy/FBI/CIA shows knows that they work better than that. And was I the only one laughing at the awkward first-meeting in the pool? I don't think the actors who play Sean and Leila have chemistry at all. Or maybe they do, but the lines and situations they are thrown in make it look foolish. Done random ranting.

So here are the numbers for this week:
97 (prisoners), 4 (days), 13 (months), 7 (days), 66 (years), 5 (years), 11 (months), -15 (elevator), 10 (years)

Grade: B-

Spacey Theory: Leila's pregnant.

See you all later with No Ordinary Family on ABC at 8/7c.


EDIT: Coherency and clarity will be present next post.


  1. Wow... Hard to follow! lol Give me like 30 minutes.

    Thought I would mention you missed Simon's 10 years earlier flashback for the numbers.

  2. Ugh, I hadn't realized how random it really was. I'll definitely work on coherency for tonight - thanks Reducto!

  3. The only part that gave me the heebie-jeebies is when Simon was pulling the fake "vein" from his skin. Ugggggghhhh. Blood doesn't bother me, but I CANNOT stand things going in and out of skin. I should have recorded my reaction; I freaked out.

  4. A recording of that reaction would have been hilarious to watch.

    Maybe next time? Just kidding...