Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its A Miracle No One Was Hurt ..... Nevermind.

I wasn't so much disapointed, just thoroughly confused.

Man, can Sean catch a break?! He lost his girlfriend, couldn't finish his awesome cruise, was in a plane crash, and was arrested for a murder he did not commit. Quite a week he is having.

To be a little more organized, I am going to talk about the present - then the past - and then close it out with some theories.

The plane crash was pretty exciting. Couldn't help reminding me of another show... :) people screaming, crazy to get out. Fire. It was a bad one. This show really doesn't slow down! Before you know it a huge group of helicopters comes storming their way. At first I had a thought that it was the CIA, or the creepy bald dudes men coming to cover things up. Apparently not because it was Sophia's lover (Thomas if I am not mistaken) That sent the 'copters. How Sean got out of there unnoticed is amazing, I'm not going to question it. Too bad he didn't run the other direction, he would have hit a road quick.
That nurse was kind of mean to Sean, even before she thought he was a murderer. So now he is a fugitive for something he did not do. That really took me by suprise. I thought poor Sean already had enough on his plate. I agree, those cops were not using protocol. They just stormed in! Either it was unrealistic - or Arizona police suck. It's obvious that Sean gets away from those agents. I can't wait to see that play out.

I am really starting to like President Eli. I'd vote for him. His storyline this episode was very informative! When they mentioned electromagnatism I just had to smile. Seriously?! Electromagnatism causing a plane to crash? Never heard that one before. The Sophia interrogation was intense. I really feel for Eli. He was only trying to do the right thing. Now he looks like a fool. I'm suprised he is not more upset. I believe some of these "Others" (the ones who were not wounded and imprisoned) Have grown hostile over the past 66 years. They probably benefited from Sophia's command in the past. I am just going with my gut on this. Sophia is a good guy(lady).

Don't even get me started with Simon Lee. GEEZ! What are this guys intentions?! He is all over the place! He is now the head of creepy bald dudes task force. Also working for both sides of the Others. I say both sides because we've only met two of them, one good one not so nice. I really want the bald guy to find out about Simon. I want to see his reaction. In every show he is in he is a creep and I do not like him! Simon's story is the most confusing. I am not sure about him. When he went to talk to Thomas, he greeted Simon with "brother". Is he one of them? Is it just me or did Simon look the same age ten years earlier as he does today? He could be one of the able bodied Others to get away. And as for the huge area of dead bodies, I hope it was peaceful. Especially for Mike. I liked him! Now Leila has no parents. Where is her little sister?

Now for the past. Four day earlier. I knew it would have to be something really bad for Mr. B to do something as drastic as crash a plane into the President. Why didn't Mike shout out to his daughter 5 feet away?! I would. I was half right about the Vikki-Greg situation. I was right not to trust that lady! This is where I am confused. Who is Vikki working for? Enter mysterious creepy guy (MCG). He is in no way a good guy or ever will be. So what we know about him is: He means business, he is a murderer, and he is not a security guard. I don't think he is an "Other". Then who is he? Is he an alien to? QUESTIONS!

Very quickly I just wanted to say greg is a creep and I'm glad he is gone.

All that information got dropped on the president thirteen months earlier. Man, thats heavy. I know their DNA is 1% different and don't appear to age - but I still don't think they are aliens. Check my theory below.
And as for 1944. I am most curious as to how many "able bodied" Others got away. Where have they been?

When Sean meets Leila. That was sweet. He is such an awkward dork! I really enjoyed that segment.

Now for my theory. Its really out there. Hear me out.

I think "The Others" are time traveling evolved humans that are trying to prevent or cause the event to alter history (future). What do you think? Too much?

Random fun moment: Michelle Branch playing on the radio "10 years earlier"

Grade: B


NOTE: Sorry its a little sloppy. I'll get used to blogging in this fashion.

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  1. I REALLY like your theory. I may be more on board with that idea at this point than the Others being aliens.