Monday, September 27, 2010

Never Trust The Bald Creepy Dude.

Hello everyone! I'm Reducto. I am new around here, but was an avid follower of the original "You Blog Everybody!". I really appreciate you guys letting me be a contributor. I have been a fan of the blog from the beginning, and I'm a huge fan of Swans music and other projects. So that being said, this is pretty cool for me.

I didn't know what to expect from The Event. It looked cool, but the previews were (for good reason) vague. It started off exciting. I REALLY wanted to know what everyone was freaking out about "23 minutes later". I am a huge fan of serialized dramas, and it was kinda feeling like 24. So far halfway through it was action packed, mysterious, and yes: full of pretty people. When Sean Walker came back from snorkling only to find his girlfriend missing - Thats when the intrigue started for me. Edge of my seat! When the plane got swallowed up by god knows what, I practically fell off the couch!

I didn't feel the need to do a full review of the pilot, because you ladies already had phenomenal posts. But there are a few things I'd like to mention:

1. The first time we see Sean Walker he had just been in the bathroom in the plane. Close up on something in the trash! Looks like clothing no? I wondered how he got on the plane with a gun. Maybe he impersonated a flight attendent?

2. I have an issue with Greg and Vikki. You know, the alcoholic hippies. It is my theory that there is foul play! Just spit ballin' here, but I think Vikki put something in Leila's drink so she was out for the count the next day. That leaves Sean and Vikki to go snorkling. I believe Mr. arm-in-the-cast was faking it, and was the one who abducted Leila. DUN DUN DUUUN!

3. The creepy bald dude is a great addition to the cast. He is in Heroes, True Blood, he plays juliet's ex husband in LOST... hehe he gets hit by a bus.

Looking forward to more "THE EVƎNT"

Grade: A

EDIT: I just want everyone to know, I'm ALL for the alien idea. But I have a false hope that Hurley got bored and lonley playing guardian of the island and teleported the plane there.... Or maybe a completely original idea we could never even think of!

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  1. That's why the creepy bald dude looked so familiar! Getting run over by a bus with no warning is a life-changing (Ha, ha. Bad pun.) event. Thanks, Reducto!