Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Event

Hello Readers,

This is The Pearl writing to you. I just want to welcome you to "You Blog, Everybody II", the bastard child of "You Blog, Everybody!"

This blog currently is not dedicated to one TV show, hence the nondescript layout. However, within a few weeks, it will be. Hopefully. If we last that long. The contenders for the spot are:

The Event

No Ordinary Family

The Cape

We will simply decide by way of blogging and discussion which new Fall show is worth a blog dedication after a few episodes. After that, we will continue to discuss, criticize and theorize the winner until the end of (air)time.

I think The Swan will be joining forces with me. Tomorrow will tell. If not, I am on my lonesome unless someone following wants to take on the challenge. Wish me luck on this endeavor.

The Pearl


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  2. Awesome!

    I hope The Event is as good as it's supposed to be tomorrow night.

    As I said on the LOST blog, I'm up for the challenge. If you are.

  3. I would LOVE for you to help write! Now I just have to figure out how to invite bloggers...Swan set up the last one, so I am new to setting these collaborations up. If you know how to do it, enlighten me.

    Also, you can either be QuoteGirl or you can pick a LOST themed name for the heck of it or another nickname entirely. That is up to you. I also would like an email address so we can talk about the blog.

    I am really looking forward to The Event. If The Cape still continues to have horrible advertisement, I don't really know what we are going to do.

    And...that is all. :)

  4. Also, via email, your real name (and mine, of course) would be awesome. Haha.

  5. I am so excited now that fall TV is back! And super excited about each of these shows. I've seen the pilot for No Ordinary Family and it looks pretty great.

    I would love to help out if you need someone for this blog.
    My email is if you'd like to contact me.


  6. Okay, Alyson! I will contact Swan about it (heard back from her). I'm excited, too! Looking forward to The Event tonight.

  7. QuoteGirl, you can email me at

  8. This is going to be exciting!

    I'd totally love to take the challenge. Though I wouldn't be able to follow the rules of You Blog Everybody I because I don't have cable and hence can't watch the show until the next day.

    But if that isn't a big problem, you can email me at, if you're still looking for more bloggers. :)

  9. I'm (Incredibly lame, I know, but after six years, you get used to it.)

    And I sent you an email. Any luck on inviting bloggers yet? I'll check it out.

  10. To add bloggers:

    Click on "Settings"
    Under "Basics" go to "Permissions"
    Click "Add Authors"
    Add our email addresses

  11. I always wanted to be a main contributor on "You Blog Everybody". lol. I just posted a comment there saying I would indeed love to be one of the main contributors.

    I watched the first episode and already wanna blog about it! I am a huge geek.

    And my dad was really good friends with John Ritter, which is the deceased father of the main actor of the show, Jason Ritter. There is no reason to really tell you this except it is awesome.

    So if there is a space left (fingers crossed), I would love to take part.

    The Original NerdFighter (Nick Lindemann)